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E.F. LaCrosse Sales, Inc has been in business since 1973. In 1973 E.F. LaCrosse Sales Inc. was formed to specialize in serving the automotive, medical, communication and computer industries. Our primary product lines are castings in grey iron, ductile, malleable, aluminum, aluminum and zinc die-castings, magnesium and magnesium Thixomolding? castings. We also supply MIM (metal injection molding) components and extremely close tolerance assemblies for the medical, Automotive and computer industries from manufactures in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our customer profile consists of OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive companies and major manufactures in the communication, medical, computer, pick and place industries and communication.

Our sales staff specializes in highly engineered projects involving much of our supplier base. Our supplier base is truly global, with manufacturing in North America, Mexico, Columbia, Japan, China and India offering us the opportunity to tailor our supply options to you for your specific needs.

At E.F. LaCrosse Sales Inc. we look forward to working with you on projects from one component supplying to turn key assemblies. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone with any questions about how we can help you.

Thank you for your interest.

Steven LaCrosse


To the top left you will find a brief description of our product lines. Below that are links to these world class manufacture. All of these companies are industry and world leaders. If you have any questions or are interested in a quote please contact us. Thank you.

Leggett & Platt is a Fortune Five Hundred company. L&P is one of the largest die-casters in North America. With over 14 die-casting plants for aluminum, zinc or magnesium in the US and Mexico, L&P is uniquely qualified to be your die-casting supplier. The motto ?if it is a die-casting we can make it?, fits L&P.

Indo US MIM Tec is one of the fastest growing MIM (metal injection molders) in the world. With growth of close to 20 percent a year, Indo US MIM is quickly taking its place on the world stage as THE leader in MIM technology. With corporate offices and an Engineering Center in the US and its manufacturing in Bangalore India, Indo US MIM Tec offers the best of all options for our customers. MIM is the perfect technology for small complex ferrous components where close tolerances are required. Indo US MIM Tec is on pace to be the largest MIM supplier in the world very soon.

Ross Mold Incorporated - Ross Mold Incorporated formally known as Sabaneta Cast Medals is a state of the art gray iron and ductile foundry. This American owned foundry is located in the South American country of Columbia. This beautiful foundry is QS/TS quality rated and uses the latest Roberts Sinto machines for medium to high volume production in gray iron or ductile. Ross Mold is extremely competitive due to the availability of manufacturing in South America.

Robinson Foundry - Robinson Foundry formally known as Belcher Corporation is one of the nations oldest and most prestigious foundries. Belcher Foundry started production in 1837 and actually made munitions and weapons for the Civil War. Today Belcher is Robinson Foundry located in Alexander City, AL a premier manufacturer of malleable, gray and ductile iron. Using the DISAMATIC green sand system Robinson Foundry serves the automotive and other medium to high volume industries. Robinson Foundry is a QS quality rated foundry.


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